Let’s have a real conversation about entrepreneurship

Every business article seems to be the same….

10 Easy Steps to winning at life and business! 4 Crucial Steps to Dominating Everything! The 1 Thing You Have to Know to Survive!

These articles and books tend to have a few nuggets of good information, but mostly it’s all stuff you already know, right? You start reading it with the hope that something in this will really help, but mostly it just reminds you of all the stuff you already know you should be doing but aren’t. Or maybe you’re doing all the stuff it recommends and you still feel like you’re struggling. Or perhaps you didn’t know it, but now it’s just ten more things to put on the to-do list that’s already too long. Not helpful.

Big, Fat, Hairy Truth

There’s a big, fat, hairy truth that’s not in all of those articles. That truth is entrepreneurship is stupidly hard and everyone struggles. Yet, no one talks about how incredibly hard it is or how real that struggle can be. None of those handy articles are called ‘Your 14 Top Fears that Keep You Up at Night!’ or ‘The Ten Ways You Feel Like a Failure Before Lunch!’ Nope. We save those conversations for the inside of our heads, because we all think we’re the only ones having those particular conversations. But, that’s not true.

Entrepreneurship is hard for a number of reasons, but the struggle comes from the incredible amount of emotions that are part of the whole adventure. We’re out in the world making big decisions and expressing our most closely held beliefs and ideas in very public ways. As Brene Brown would say, we are in the arena with what can feel like all the world watching and judging. It’s scary, intense and also hugely fun. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride of emotion and adventure. If you’re on the ride, you know what I’m talking about. If you are considering the ride, let me just say that you are in for some thrills, but you are also in for some of the darkest, most terrifying moments of your life. That has been my experience and the more entrepreneurs I talk to about their unspoken reality, it’s their experiences as well. Unfortunately, all this stoicism is not helpful. We cannot be our best, most powerful selves while feeling isolated and afraid of our own emotional truths.

Let’s Talk about the Real Deal

My writing here is the beginning of a conversation (I hope!) about the real deal in entrepreneurship and small business. I want to talk about the real experience of being a small business owner and leader in order to create a space of support and empowerment for the people who are creating their dreams. There’s nothing quite like the isolation that entrepreneurs can feel. This isolation weakens us, when we can be strong. Honest sharing of our stories is the only real way to start finding the deep reserves of strength that are there inside of us so that we can create our most vibrant visions.

I’ll be sharing stories and lessons learned through ten years of entrepreneurship here on these pages and I welcome your comments and questions. I hope to create a safe place of sharing stories, ideas, feelings, tragedies and triumphs. When we are not hiding our truths, we are more powerful, more creative, more effective, more capable of creating our dreams and that’s what we all want. So, let us start sharing. I’ll go first.

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