Life Altering Lessons from a Sex Retreat in Bali

Two years ago, my husband and I attended a sex retreat, lead by the incredible Kim Anami, in Bali.

Before the retreat, our marriage was really good. So was the sex. I also had this sense that there was so much more to discover in my own body to deepen the pleasure I was capable of opening up to and experiencing.

I was right!

The week we spent with other amazing couples from around the world is, hands down, the best thing we have ever done for our marriage. Thank you, Kim!

It also happens to be the place where our son was conceived.

I’ve learned how to let go so I receive pleasure and excitement more fully.

I’ve learned how to love and appreciate and communicate with my husband in ways that have made me softer.

I’ve learned to make space for sex instead of rushing through it.

I’ve learned how to orgasm consistently.

Most people have never heard of a sex retreat and are super intrigued.

That’s why I’ve decided to do a Special Live Training sharing my experience of how our marriage has changed. I’m also a Mindset Coach so I’ll be bringing in some of the key tools to affect amazing change in your marriage, too.

I know so many couples who are happy but aren’t giddy. The years have gone by and they feel more like roommates than passionate lovers; they have some resentments piled up and they are clouding their ability to really enjoy each other; they blame their spouse for everything instead of taking responsibility; they’d like more from their relationship, or they feel so stuck they’ve forgotten love is supposed to be amazing.

If any of these truths resonate, click the link below, enter your name and email and join the party.

Deets: June 14th @ 9pm EST

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This is for couples who love each other, are insanely committed and already have a good relationship….you just want to make it even better.

Join me on June 14th at 9pm EST for a super fun hour. If you can’t make it live, sign up, and get the replay straight to your inbox.

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With so much love.

Sarah x