Riddled with health problems, I decided that I wasn’t going to pass on my problems genetically to another generation. I had also been a parent to four younger brothers and a sister throughout my childhood, so I had raised enough children for my time. Finally, I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that makes it harder to get pregnant.
The Lie That Women Aren’t Pressured To Have Children
Jordan Bray

Aside from the four brothers part of this I’m in the same boat. Health issues with a genetic link. POCS. I don’t want kids. I’ve never wanted kids. I like kids, I’ve worked with kids, but I don’t want any of my own and I find young babies kind of creepy. I’m not in a romantic relationship and don’t see that changing any time soon and am perfectly fine with that. But when I mentioned this to my OBGYN (or rather, ex OBGYN now) I was informed that I WOULD change my mind and have children. To be fair, I am only 23, and it is remotely possible that I might change my mind… maybe… although honestly I’d rather adopt a kid that isn’t a baby… but still I might. But my doctor didn’t say that I *might* change my mind. I wouldn’t have been upset if he had said that I *might* change my mind. He said that I *would* change my mind. That’s a big difference. I wasn’t even asking to get my tubes tied, I just wanted birth control pills to control my period because I had had my usual quite heavy period for a month straight and that really really sucked. He acted like I was crazy to complain about a little “break through bleeding”. Then he mentioned that the chronic illness I have that makes me faint multiple times a day (my blood pressure randomly drops and my heart rate shoots up and then I fall down) can’t possibly be serious because “women faint all the time.”

I didn’t go back to that Doctor, but I’ve heard similar things from doctors before and since.

You and I both have perfectly legitimate reasons to not have kids (not even taking account that just not wanting to have kids really should be enough of a reason right there). I guess I’m just commenting to show solidarity. :)

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