Why did Vixen have to be vetted with an animated series while Supergirl went straight to live-action? For most non-comic fans, both are equally obscure.
A Monolith of Blackness
Thaddeus Howze

Excellent article as a whole.

I would argue, however, with this point. Non-comic people have heard of supergirl. They may not know her story, but she isn’t actually obscure. She’s thought of as superman but female. And everyone knows superman. Same with Batgirl and Batwoman otherwise known as Batman but female to non-comic people. Everyone has heard of Batman. Even though the characters actually have different stories than their popular male counterparts, their recognition outside of comic circles stem from the popularity of Batman/Superman. Vixen, however, is thoroughly her own character. She isn’t intrinsically linked to any one well known character. She’s teamed up with them aplenty, but she does it in a way that allows her to keep her own story and doesn’t share a title (like “Super” or “Bat” etc.) with them. She also is a relatively obscure character without a long history of solo publications.

A Vixen live action TV show would be amazing though. Just saying. I would totally watch it. Or a young Storm series. That would also be great.

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