If there’s something I can do to my image to make me hotter to women, I want to know!
Edward L Platt

Get decent hair cuts in a style that suits your features and hair. Shower daily. Brush your hair. Shave your facial hair or keep it trimmed in your preferred style (so long as that “style” is not weird splotches of partially grown facial hair in patches at different length across your face- if you can’t grow a full beard don’t do it, play your strengths). Shower daily with soap. And shampoo. Wear deodorant. Stand up straight. Smile if you are happy. Don’t smile if you are not happy. Wear clothes that fit and that you like. Do things you like to do. Talk to people and listen when they talk to you.

These are some things that girls find attractive. Did it help? I’m serious about the shower thing. My brother forgets sometimes and it is awful. He’s over 21. He should know better. You probably do know better, but it is still a very important thing and should be on any such list. :)

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