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I could understand your feelings about most of the crowdfunding stories you shared but this one I don’t get. In this one the person is taking the money to make something that, supposedly, the person donating to the campaign wants to see happen. In this case it’s less begging for money and more paying someone for a service/for art/ for a product. That isn’t all that different from what happens with a normal job. I guess I see it as the difference between a person that sits on the sidewalk begging for money and a street performer making music/art/theater/dance etc. in the hopes that someone who enjoys the performance will put money in their hat. In that case it’s a transaction that goes both ways- the artist gets paid to an extent and the donor was entertained. At least the person making a movie with the crowd sourced funds is making something that will hopefully be enjoyed by their backers and society as a whole.

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