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I guess one “good” thing about this particular advertisement is that this is not actually the image run in the campaign. People on the internet photoshopped the black eye onto the model to try to raise awareness for the NFL’s issues with domestic violence. At least it wasn’t the actual ad…. But the fact that there are so many ads that actually do depict this (as you so aptly demonstrated) combined with the high instances of domestic violence leads me to believe that such ads definitely encourage the thinking that this is okay when it really, really is not. Just the fact that an image doctored in this way is easily mistaken as an unaltered, legitimate ad campaign is sickening. There are so many campaigns that use exactly that tactic that the changed version of the ad fits right in.

Thanks for continuing to shine light on this issue. It is a problem that has so many serious psychological and cultural ramifications, it should not be ignored.

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