n recent years the bra matrix of 32–38, A-DDD has added many more sizes: 28, 40 or letters through K.
Why I have a problem with bras
Mona Zhang

I’m a 32 G. I know this pain. Alas most bra stores assume that if you have large enough boobs to go past DD your band width also must be high so if I find a G it’s generally at least a 36 if not a 40… and that doesn’t work at all. So I’m really lucky if I find my size at all. Then I still have to look at cup shape to account for the above discussion on boob shape. And even then I have to hope the fabric isn’t itchy. And I REALLY can’t get away with just not wearing a bra, but wearing a bra hurts because by boobs are big. Grrr. Bras.

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