Every time I read these stories about how much the writer gets harassed for being sexy I cant help…
Gabriel Squallus

I think that if a greater number of women than men really are attractive (as you seem to suggest unless I misread that) it might be because women typically put more time and effort into looking attractive than men typically do. I have about an even number of male and female friends. The male friends I have that I consider more attractive all spend a good deal of effort on their appearance. They buy clothes that fit them well, whether that means they buy expensive clothing at high end stores or they spend a lot of time trying on clothes at the local thrift stores and making sure that what they get is decent. They wash their clothes often. They shower daily. They brush/cut/arrange/gel their hair in actual styles that suit their features. They shave or keep their facial hair trimmed and orderly. They work out. They wear deodorant. One of them wears makeup. Yes he is gay, and also good looking. And is really good at applying colorful eye-liner. My less attractive male friends … don’t always do those things. They are still my friends, and I value them for their company but I really do wish they at least got the shower memo.

Almost all of my female friends do these things daily. They dress in clothes that fit them. They take care of their hair. They shave every day. They shower and wear deodorant. They wear makeup- not always a lot or often even a noticeable amount, but generally they wear some. They diet or exercise or both. The few female friends I have that are less attractive… again don’t. Again, I love them dearly but showers and deodorant are good things.

There will always be people who are naturally prettier than others but time and effort plays a really big role in evening the playing field. For men and women. I just think that we condition women to spend time on their appearance (for good or ill) while we don’t exactly encourage men to do the same, resulting in the uneven attractiveness spilt between men and women. Maybe. It’s just a theory.

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