So that’s one way of closing the gender spread in STEM subjects.
ideas whittler

I was able to do both. My school was structured to allow it if you really really REALLY wanted to and could fit everything in. Somehow. I look back on that time and honestly can’t figure out how. I took the highest levels of all available math, literature, history and science courses. Gym/health were required for everyone. I joined the band, jazz band (I play the trumpet) and choir (actually I hated the choir director and never actually signed up for it but she wouldn’t let me go even though she didn’t actually like me either). I took art during my lunch period. I took German. After school I was in a professional choir (I actually liked that one) and took voice lessons and took martial arts classes and taught martial arts as well and rode horses on the weekends and painted. And graduated in the top ten students of my class (my school didn’t have valedictorians and what not as the top ten students all had a 4.5 GPA). I have no idea how I had time for anything. Then I went to college and no longer had the option of taking classes in a variety of subjects. I still painted though. And then I got sick and had to withdraw from classes and am really glad that I worked on my music and art on my own time as that is currently my only source of income until I can reliably handle potentially dangerous chemicals without potentially fainting.

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