You put this into words so well, that I’m actually starting to feel a little bit bad about myself…

It can happen. Not often but it can, especially if you present the opposing view as something within their own belief system. I saw a person attack another after she posted a personal essay on their bisexuality. They used their Christianity to do it. Usually I don’t comment on such things, because usually the situation is as you described and there is no way to change their minds… but they had launched their attack by responding to my comment of support and I got annoyed. I used bible passages and religious doctrine to explain that, by the standards of the Christian religion they should not judge another person for his or her sexuality and that simply being attracted to the same gender does not make that person bad or signify that they are going to hell…. And they agreed with me. They changed their mind, at least a bit. It was such a strange experience.

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