Brain Strain
Silvia Killingsworth

It is because of people like that that it is so hard to get prescriptions for adderol filled. I have hypersomnia and narcolepsy in addition to a lovely combination of other medical conditions and used to take adderol for it. I eventually switched to modafinil because refilling my adderol prescription became way more complicated and tiring than it needed to be. I could only get it filled on certain days of the month, with a physical copy of my written prescription from my doctor (no calling it in, no refills no sending it in via email etc) within a day if it being written. And it could be denied at any time. It also had to be filled in the state it was written in which made it hard to get if you went on vacation or if you were like me and saw doctors from different states. All because some people that don’t need it decided that it is some miracle drug and abuse it. It also didn’t help much. I could take my dose of adderol after three cups of coffee and still fall asleep. I know that my body is all kinds of messed up but it is still weird to think of adderol actually having noticeable effects that make people want to abuse it. Now I’m on modafinil which is maybe a bit more effective on me and can be ordered by mail.

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