because if a woman isn’t interested in a relatonship but wants sex I feel like the smart thing to do is to become a prostitute and profit off of it.
It has always been incredibly hard for me to understand why any woman would seek a random…

Just out of curiosity, does this thinking also apply to men who don’t want relationships but want sex? Should they also become prostitutes?

I am with you in that I just don’t understand the desire for casual sex. Not my thing. I suppose it is other people’s thing though.

But I do tend to take statements and overthink them, so if the logical thing for a woman to do if she wants casual sex is to become a prostitute (putting aside the fact that in many countries prostitution is illegal, whether you agree with that law or not) why isn’t that also the logical step for men? Or why isn’t the logical step to hire a prostitute if you want casual sex rather than become one. That option actually seems more logical as from what I can tell people who want casual sex tend to want sex with people they are at least attracted to or find interesting in some way and not just sex with literally anyone. They also seem to want satisfying sex and I would be surprised if a prostitute’s clients tended to care about whether the sex was good for the prostitute. They are paying the prostitute to make sex good for themselves, after all. So on closer examination choosing to become a prostitute out of a desire for casual sex would likely not be ideal for the prostitute. Honestly, on a closer reading a lot of this article was more about weeding out the people that would likely not make an effort to see if their casual sex partner is as satisfied by the encounter as they themselves are. If a guy or girl (I’d assume you come across this personality in both men and women, but, as the author is a woman looking for casual sex with men she writes from the perspective of a woman weeding out the male prospects rather than the other way around because that is what she knows) is unwilling to compromise on finding a mutually accessible meeting place, or doesn’t take the time and effort required to actually somewhat fill out the profile or requires pictures of you but won’t give them of them self even when discussing a meeting (it is generally easier to find a person you are meeting up with for the first time if you know what they look like) then there is a decent chance the person won’t put in effort to make sure that you are just as satisfied as they are during the casual hook up. It’s likely not a perfect system, but it likely has at least some merits, assuming you are a person interested in casual sex.

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