STEM fields, like Girls Who Code. Or, learn to code yourself! There are plenty of sites available that you can use to teach yourself to code.
What is the Pay Gap and How Can We End It?
Justine Bunis

Look I know that this is super nit-picky, and it’s not what you meant but it also really annoys me that I see examples of this bias all the time. There is more to STEM than coding. STEM fields do not necessarily involve knowing how to code. Sometimes they involve knowing how to make things blow up. Or solving the mysteries of the universe. I know, you weren’t trying to dismiss all other STEM fields, but a girl can only read so many “why aren’t there more women in STEM? They should learn to code!” Statements before she explodes like lithium in water.

Sorry for the rant. As a woman studying to be a chemical engineer it gets really frustrating seeing article after article glorify coding while ignoring other fields. Not intentional, I know, but still annoying.

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