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Oh dear god, no. These are bare minimum pads. They don’t absorb much. Even with better quality pads I will generally go through at least five a day when I have my period. Assuming it isn’t a particularly heavy period. Even if it is light, doctors don’t recommend wearing the same pad for more than 3–4 hours at a stretch. Wearing one longer than that increases the risk of infections and irritation. If there are 24 hours in a day and you divide that by the recommended 4 hours you would need 6 pads per person per day. And it’s not like women can just decide to only need the pads at certain times of the day. The flow may not be steady but you can’t control when it will be heavy and when it won’t. And then you have to realize that a person’s period generally lasts somewhere between five and ten days. They are not getting anything remotely close to enough pads to be sanitary. This isn’t asking that female inmates be treated to spa days and top of the line beauty products. This is asking that they not have to sit in their own filth for the length of their period, however long that may last which is what they are currently forced to do.

I appreciate that you seem to be male and thus don’t have first hand knowledge of the proper use of pads. And if you don’t know anything about pads and periods other than that women have periods once a month (usually) and that pads stop blood from getting everywhere, maybe 2.8 pads a day sounds reasonable. I’m guessing that the people that put that system in place were also male and, having never needed to learn how often pads should be changed or how many a woman may need on a given day during her period, also thought that the 2.8 pads a day rule was decent. Sadly it is way off base, which they would know if they ever bothered to do a quick Google search of “how often do pads need to be switched out”.

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