Everyone knows that sexuality identity has nothing to do with sexual orientation right?
A Ennis

Oh. Okay. I get the issue. I think you got your terms swapped, which is easy to do but can cause confusion. And a lot of the reactions to your post seem to be stemming from that confusion. A Trans Man is a person born with a female body (so no penis, unless they have already transitioned) but identifies as male. If the laws pass to require a person to use the bathroom according to their gender assigned at birth, it will make Trans Men use the women’s restroom because according to that law they are women and it is their space too. Even if they look like this:

A Trans Man having to use the ladies room would probably be awkward for everyone involved.

A Trans Woman is a person born with a male body that identifies as female. They would have to use the men’s room even if they look like this:

Again, not really the best situation.

Yes, a Trans Man or woman could be attracted to you, and I can definitely understand why people would be uncomfortable in a changing room as it will, by design be a place where people change clothes. But we don’t have a separate changing room for lesbians so you could still be changing in front of people who find you sexually attractive. Not quite the same, I know, but still. Considering the fact that it was not actually against the law for a Trans person to use the changing room that fit their identity and it wasn’t really a problem before, I would guess that most Trans women have been changing in the shower stalls or handicapped bathrooms rather than out themselves to a room full of strangers. But I can understand the concern there. No one really wants to look at the other people when they change in the locker room. Or wants them looking at them. Locker rooms are just really awkward places and I can understand not wanting the additional layer of awkwardness. At the same time Trans people also need a place to change clothes. There really is no winning there.

The bathroom part is the confusing bit. Women’s bathrooms have stalls (and I’ve been told that Men’s do to at least if they have to use the toilet rather than the urinal). As long as a Trans Man has female genitalia he would not be able to use the urinal so he would also use the stall. And again, gay men use the same bathroom as straight men do, so for them it isn’t a question of attraction. And women use stalls all the time. You only see the other people when you are waiting in the terribly long lines that always exist for women’s bathrooms. And would you feel more comfortable waiting next to the Trans Man (picture number one) or the Trans Woman (picture number two)? The laws would make you share the restroom with the guy from the first picture.

Another really important point- sexual assault, indecent exposure and such are all still very much illegal. A person cannot burst into a young girl’s bathroom stall naked and make the girl stare at their genitals (whether they are male, female or Trans) without fear of legal action.

What happened to you was wrong. It was illegal and terrible. I’m sorry for what happened to you. But those things would still be wrong and illegal and horrible if the bathroom bills are blocked. Those laws don’t protect us from predators, they simply make Trans people easier targets for the predators. Predators have always existed and, while I’m certain that there are Trans people that are such predators simply because Trans people are also people and some people are predators, most are not. Most people wouldn’t do such things. The people that do are already breaking the law, they won’t let a rule against using the bathroom that fits their gender at birth stop them from continuing to break the law to hurt people.

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