Do Women Really Want Equality?
Nikita Coulombe

Personally I just want to have the option of serving on the front lines of the military or pursuing a career in a male dominated field without being constantly second guessed simply because of my gender. I would like to not be informed by doctors that I will absolutely change my mind about not wanting children because I am female and should be a mom someday — despite having a disease that can be passed on genetically. I want my female doctors to be called doctor and not constantly assumed to be a nurse.

And I want men to have choices too. I don’t want them to have to prove that their child needs them in a custody dispute any more than the mother does. I don’t want him to have to work while his wife stays home or risk being mocked. I want him to have the option of paternity leave and her to have the option of maternity leave. I want him to have the option to serve in the front lines- or not. I want my male nurses to not be automatically assumed to be the doctors.

If you hold the door open for me I would like it to be because you got there first and you respect me enough as a fellow human being to not want to slam the door randomly in my face. I don’t want you to open the door for me because I’m female. That’s just stupid.

If a woman is sexually assaulted I want her to not have her clothing and lifestyle choices questioned. If a man is assaulted I don’t want his claims to be dismissed as impossible.

I have no problem with the idea that women should be eligible for the draft should it ever be called again. I don’t particularly want the draft to be called again but I hope that if it is women will also be called. This is looking promising as slowly front line military positions are opening to qualified women.

I want a female lead action movie to not be an oddity or be seen as a publicity stunt to pander to feminists. I don’t want it to be so uncommon as to be surprising. At the same time I don’t want all movies to have a female lead and a male lead rom-com would be nice to see as well.

Personally, I do want equality. I really don’t understand why people wouldn’t. I want everyone to have options. And if their choice is to abide by traditional gender roles, that’s fine.