Star Wars, Tropes, and Girls
Annika Barranti Klein

Somehow I’m not surprised that some people consider Rey to somehow not be the main character. These are likely the same people that see her as simply the token female character in the main trio. I also love when people will talk about how the main trio in TFA were Rey, Finn … and Poe.

Poe was awesome. Poe was important. Poe was incredibly likable (I really loved his character) and will almost certainly be one of the main characters in the next movies. But he was not a main character in this one. He just wasn’t. He was considered dead for most of the movie. The trio was comprised of Rey, Finn and BB8 and the main group were Rey, Finn, BB8, Han and Chewie. I don’t think that Rey and Poe ever even met on screen.

I do hope to see more of Poe though, as a Star Wars team of one female Jedi, one rolling droid, and two POC sidekicks (one a fighter one a pilot) will be great.

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