Oh Rachel what blasphemy!
Svetlana Voreskova

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look nice for other people but it seems silly to suggest that nobody ever wears makeup for themselves on days when they just stay home. Most days I don’t wear any makeup at all. I go out about my life without it and don’t give it a second thought. Sometimes I do wear makeup, generally just a little, but I do. Some days I decide to wear a lot of makeup- especially if I am going to some special event- and yes, I absolutely do it because I want other people to think it looks nice.

But there are also days where I don’t leave my house and I put on a full face of makeup. Because it is fun. Those generally are the days I try something new. I wear a smoky eye or experiment with a different lipstick shade or use colors i wouldn’t normally use and think “wow, I look like a dragon. A hot dragon. That’s awesome!” And then proceed to read a book or play video games or do my homework for my engineering classes. It can be fun! And those days it really is just for me. No one else will ever see it.

I also always wear makeup when I’m in the hospital. Then it is also for me but in a different way. It isn’t to look pretty for other people- no amount of makeup is going to make me look pretty in a hospital gown with wires glued to my head. On those days it is to give myself some small amount of control in a situation where I don’t have much.

I agree that it is absurd for people to claim that they only ever wear makeup for themselves at all times. But it is equally absurd to claim that no one ever wears makeup for themselves and themselves alone. Just because you personally don’t put on makeup some days to watch Netflix at home doesn’t mean that other people don’t. Most of the time people don’t have just one reason for doing things. People aren’t that simple.

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