If someone buys a “smart” connected scale, that scale is generally programmed with an assumption that everyone who uses it wants support in setting a (presumably lower) goal weight and maintaining it. This can quickly become problematic if a user is, for example, a growing child, an elderly person, or a woman with an eating disorder.
Can We Avoid Marginalizing Women with the IoT?
Mrs Smith

This is crazy for so many reasons. The author mentioned a good deal of the situations in which this is wrong, but there are more- and surprisingly they tend to have missed a major male market. They completely miss the men (and women) who work out to gain muscle (and weight). Not to mention the men and women that keep a scale to make sure they are maintaining their weight. Or the men who have eating disorders (men get them too and are often sadly less likely than women to get diagnosed as they are seen as a women’s problem). Or people recovering from a serious illness that happened to have the side effect of losing a bunch of weight (I know the last time *I* drastically lost weight was because I was sick and I hated being that skeletally thin and was happy to finally gain the weight back). Sheesh. Seriously, this product fails.

As for the others… I don’t Eve know what to say. I don’t want a smart device telling me when to change out feminine hygiene products while on my period. I can figure that out myself. And I know that I have no immediate desire for pregnancy (and no need to actively try to avoid it) but a period tracker would be useful. I wouldn’t want one that sent the information on to the world though. I’ve never had regular periods. Going months without one or having multiple in one month (or on one terrible span of time I had a period that lasted three months nonstop) are not unusual occurrences for me. While I can definitely understand such an app having a “would you like to be notified when you are most/least likely to conceive” option, it really should be an option with another option of simply allowing you to mark when you have your period, for how long, and how heavy it is, and maybe give predictions as to when you will get it again.

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