I envy the crap out of women who gain weight in their bust or bottoms or even their thighs. F
I don’t think you need to jump to a disorder — we are our own worst critics, after all.
elizabeth tobey

To be fair, this has its own set of issues. Those are the places I gain weight (yay mostly flat tummy! Boo thunder thighs… oh well). It’s really hard to lose that weight when it’s there. I always gained in my thighs but any amount of exercise I did (and between swimming, horsebackriding, and martial arts I definitely worked my legs) only made my thighs bigger. Muscular, yes, but never smaller which gets annoying as I get a rash where my thighs brush each other when I walk. Grr. My mom gains in her stomach which has issues too but she doesn’t get leg rashes and can lose weight. I also gain in my boobs so I went from a 32 C to a 32 G in the span of a year (in my twenties so puberty has passed and I’ve never been pregnant so.. Yeah). It’s hard to find bras. Especially sports bras. I got back down two sizes in clothes, but the boobs stay huge and I’ve had to completely re-learn which types of clothes work on my frame. Sigh. And I know mom always complains about only gain in in her belly and the issues that comes with. Grass is always greener, I suppose.

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