Your response is, of course, reasonable.
Lydia Howell

True, but he could only bailout Wall Street after congress passed the Dodd-Frank bill. He then signed it, turning it into law that could be enacted. Blaming him for that is fair, and he did voice support for it ahead of time, but if Congress hadn’t passed it he couldn’t have bailed out Wall Street. We need Congress to actually work together and help Flint… of course it’s possible they wouldn’t because the population of Flint doesn’t have the money Wall Street has. I think there is definitely a problem there, but again without them passing a bill to act on he can’t legally act.

It’s odd. Often the president will get blamed for things completely outside the power of the president and Congress will get blamed for things outside of the powers of Congress. The only branch that doesn’t seem to get blamed for things they have to control over is the Supreme Court- they just get blamed for things they actually do control.

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