I’ve come to the conclusion that the metaphysical is a lot like sex. Everyone thinks about it, but no one talks about it in polite company.
Why It’s Time to Come Out of The Closet About Our Collective Spirituality
Emily Sara Porter

Unless you live in the American South. I moved to Alabama recently and have discovered that people talk about praying/God/miracles/signs all the time. It seems like everyone has a story similar to the ones you mentioned. Casual friends have pulled me aside deeply concerned by my lack of spirituality as I generally don’t talk about religion/spirituality/faith/miracles/signs in non-spiritual settings like, say, art class. Art class then became a three hour spirituality lecture. It was awkward. I try but I still find it really difficult to discuss spirituality with anyone that I’m not close friends or family with. I do try now though, in the hopes of avoiding further incidents. It doesn’t help that I’m chronically ill so people always ask to pray for me and ask me why I don’t ask them to pray for me. Culture thing again, I think. It just would never occur to me to ask someone for prayers.

As for sex, I generally don’t think or talk about sex unless someone else does first. People don’t actually think about sex very often, right?

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