Again, this isn’t to say that the jokes weren’t funny – they were. But their presence in the place of actual epic drama, and the way they needle at the dramatic world of Star Wars itself, should give us pause.
‘The Force Awakens’ Means We Don’t Have to Care About Star Wars Anymore
Evan Engel

While I agree with you and hope that they can find a more dramatic story worth continuing as the series progresses, I personally was willing to accept the lighthearted jokes in this one. TFA is the first in this Star Wars trilogy and so far every Star Wars trilogy (even the dreaded prequels) start with a fairly lighthearted tone (until the old mentor dies :’( ) before getting darker and deeper in the next two. While it would be interesting if they had altered that model for TFA, it makes sense that they stuck with it. We will just have to wait and see if they choose to adhere to the cyclical nature of the previous Star Wars trilogies or if they will diverge from the former paths. Either direction could be interesting as even cyclical stories can seem new and wonderful if told well, or they can feel tired and predictable. I guess we shall see what happens. Either way though, I think they needed to start in the familiar style. This way a point can be made: will they follow the same path as before or will they diverge? All of this has happened before- but it might not happen again.