Now I’m 30

I´m a future cat lady (pic from StockSnap)

When I was younger, like 8 years old, I imagined myself married, with kids, a house, dogs, car, happily ever after in my 30s.

God, I was wrong!

I´m 30 now, still a student, paying rent, in a middle of a divorce, no kids ( but I have 3 cactus and 2 plants), no dogs, no cars and far from the happily ever after.

What happened on the way?

Life, life happened.

Don´t get me wrong, I did a lot of stuff on this 30 years of life. I lived abroad (USA,Ireland and Denmark), I finished my master, I´m now on my PhD…Some people even seem me as successful! But there were some bumps on the road.

Lot of bumps…

Depression came and go, some extra kilos came and not all of them go…therapy is a constant in my life, and I find writing to be therapeutic.

So if you are also in your 30s and feeling a bit lost, grab a chair and join me!

I´m not close to my happily ever after…but hey! 30 is still young, right!??

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