Top 5 reasons to choose Hadoop as your career

Big Data and Hadoop have taken the world by a storm. They both could mean a lot of difference between having your dream career and getting left behind. The top portal Dice has once quoted that, “All IT professionals must be volunteering for Big Data projects which will be profitable for the current employer as well as valuable and marketable for other employers.

Careers with Hadoop and Big Data

As per a report in Forbes recently 90% of organizations globally have reported medium to high levels of investments in Big Data Analytics and 1/3 of the investments are very significant. The remaining 2/3 of them say that Big Data Analytics initiatives have a more significant impact on the revenues of the company.

Yes! Hadoop skills are in full demand which is said to be a undeniable fact. Hence there is a huge need for IT professionals who are able to keep themselves updated by undergoing big data training and keeping up with the trends.

More Job opportunities with high Payouts

You will have an accelerated career growth as well as increased pay package due to Hadoop skills. Do you want to have an accelerated and rewarding career in Hadoop? According to recent market prediction, by the end of 2018, US alone will face a shortage of close to one lakh Data Scientists. Thus, it is now representing such a tremendous career and growth opportunity thus paving a perfect way to reap benefits and take advantage of this positive trend. Try to increase your value to get good jobs.

Have a look at who is employing?

You have a LinkedIn profile. Do login now to see the number of Hadoop professionals and what are required. If you have a consider the jobs page you can see many top employers who are looking for candidates like you. Yahoo and Google are said to be leading the race when it comes to hiring.

Is Big Data and Hadoop a killer combo?

Yes! by looking at looking at the Big Data market forecast, it looks very promising and the upward trend graph will be maintained as well as progress well with time. Job market will only go up and is not short lived anytime in the future and are here to stay. Hadoop and Big Data has the potential to improve all the job prospects even if you a fresher or an experienced professional.

Where to find the jobs, training?

For the benefit of students many portals are available in the market such as dice, for eLearning. With this you can easily get IT jobs. All you need is to register with valid details and apply for jobs based on location. Freshers as well as professionals are welcome here to get all the latest IT training and related jobs. Having a certification also will help the career.

To get high pay job on big data, take big data training from professionals by finding them. To enhance your knowledge in extra courses related to big data like Hadoop development, nosql, solr and lucene enroll with