Together, Let’s Move #WomenForward

In my work, I’ve found that the difference between success and failure for many nonprofit initiatives come down to partnerships. If we don’t collaborate to make change, it will take us much longer to create thriving, healthy, cohesive communities.

The PIMCO Foundation, for example, is working to improve gender equality and has teamed up with 18 nonprofits focused on advancing girls and women to help optimize progress in this crucial area. This initiative, called WomenForward, is a network for change, a coalition of organizations empowering girls and women around the world through inspired investment, amplified voices, and collective action.

Here is what we know:

1. Advancing women’s opportunity and empowerment could add US$12 trillion in annual GDP (McKinsey 2016). Economies are becoming more resilient, but cannot grow to their full potential if women are excluded or treated differently than men.

2. By unleashing women’s leadership potential, we can transform lives and communities. We must support women to develop the necessary leadership skills, mentors and networks to gain confidence and influence change.

3. By working together, we can connect people, ideas and resources to achieve gender equality.

SHE-CAN scholars come from post-conflict countries and win full-ride scholarships to U.S. universities.

As International Women’s Day approaches, our coalition will be talking more about women’s economic empowerment, how to advance women’s leadership, and the importance of collaboration. We encourage you to join us by visiting our WomenForward website, visiting our partners’ sites and social media feeds, and participating in the conversation online with #WomenForward.

Yes, the world has made progress on gender equality. But not enough. There are still too many women and girls who don’t have access to high-quality education and healthcare. In too many places, women’s work is consistently devalued by employers and women don’t have the power to make and act on economic decisions. And gender-based violence continues to affect an estimated one in three women (USAID).

That’s why we need this ecosystem to pursue public problem-solving. We must work closely and effectively together in order to achieve gender parity. Together, let’s move #WomenForward.

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