A Virtual Assistant Is Not Enough — True Delegation Takes More

I’ve been searching for a while now for a virtual assistant app that can help organize my life and help me with the frustrating, mundane tasks that end up taking too much time. I’ve tried various different free or low-cost apps that help keep me organized, but I’ve found that they generally fall short. I still make mistakes, forget appointments, and end up spending way too much time on draining personal tasks. Most services on the market offer little creativity, and come back to me again and again with questions — it ends up taking longer than had I done it myself.

A friend recently recommended getdelegate.com, a new app that provides a “Chief of Stuff” to handle just about all of your personal tasks. I was skeptical at first given my past experiences with personal assistant appswhy would this be any different from the virtual assistants and time management apps that had failed me before?

Delegate app interface

I had an opportunity to use the app almost immediately after signing up. I woke up on a Saturday morning just a few days after downloading the app, and realized that I had forgotten a close friend’s baby shower later that afternoon. I had volunteered to order flowers and bring dessert and had completely forgotten. Instead of spending the morning running around frantically trying to take care of this, I just recorded a short voice message on the app.

Delegate was able to order a bouquet of flowers and a dessert to be delivered to the shower later that afternoon. They messaged me back promptly, sending me three recommendations for fresh flower arrangements from local florists and pictures from several bakeries with same-day cake deliveries. They also recommended their top choices based on my criteria and reviews from other members. I spent just a minute or so reviewing the options, and then sent back a quick message asking Delegate to go ahead and order the options I selected and let them know what my budget was.

I was definitely impressed at how easy the whole process was. I spent a few minutes on the app communicating with their “Chief of Stuff”, and was then able to continue my Saturday as planned. When I arrived at the baby shower, everything worked out really well: the flowers and cake I had requested had been delivered without any issues, and the quality was great. Delegate understood the quality I was looking for, the urgency of my request, and the fact that I wanted them to just take care of it for me — I didn’t want them coming back to me with tons of questions and asking me to make minor decisions.

I was impressed with how Delegate was able to essentially put out a fire for me. They handled my last minute emergency without taking up too much of my time. Delegate definitely proved that its quality and ease of use is significantly better than most virtual assistants. For $50 a month, I doubt there’s anything else on the market that’s able to provide this level of service.

I’ve been using Delegate for a few weeks now and have recommended it to a few friends, who have had the same positive experiences as I have. Delegate has been able to handle pretty much every task I’ve thrown at them, and they’ve definitely helped free up some of my time over these past few weeks!

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