Disney is Warm, Inviting and Personal

Personal, intimate experiences in a Disney Park may seem far and few between. With crowds, long lines and people everywhere rushing to the next attraction, you may begin to feel lost in shuffle. I’ve had that overwhelming feeling too. But I have also had extraordinary, friendly and warm Disney experiences. These are the ones that stand out in my memory.

One thing I enjoy doing is talking with the Cast Members. I love hearing about how they got to Disney, what other jobs they have had in the parks, their favorite rides and experiences working in the Happiest Place on Earth. Last year in Disneyland Park, while the rest of my family was riding Dumbo, I was saving our place in the line to see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. The sun beating down, the heat and the line could send anyone over the edge of frustration. After speaking with the Cast Member for a bit, I learned that her favorite thing is to hear stories about surprising people with a Disney vacation. This is exactly what had brought our family to Disneyland that year. We surprised our daughter for her 12th birthday. We talked about what a gift it is to bring such joy to your child’s face. Before I knew it, we were next in line!

While celebrating my daughter’s 4th birthday in Ariel’s Grotto, Cinderella came around to our table just when my 1 year old had had enough of her poufy dress and sitting still. Sweet Cinderella, with her soft, kind words calmed my little one down. She had remembered seeing our family in Goofy’s Kitchen the night before and we had a great conversation about birthdays, family and pumpkin cake!

The most magical Disney experience we have ever had happened after we struck up a conversation with a Main Entrance Cast Member. We were waiting in our first line of the day, the line to actually get into Magic Kingdom. We began talking with Ms. Awilda and learned she had been with Disney for 30 years and her favorite ride is “It’s a Small World”. After a bit, my husband asked what we should do first. She replied with, “Follow me!” If you know what happens every morning at Magic Kingdom, you can imagine our excitement at being picked as the family to open the park!

I hold these and many more Disney experiences close to my heart. They show that in and amongst the masses, a Disney vacation can and should be warm, inviting and personal.

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