Magical Moment in the Magic Kingdom

Keep your eye out for the little bits of magic!

Magical moments are all around the Disney parks! You can plan your day around the exciting parades, fireworks and character greetings. You will have thrills galore on the rides and attractions. However, some of the Disney magic is not listed on your park map and schedule. This is the kind of magic that just happens to find you as you are taking a break on a bench, in line for a Mickey bar or walking to the next attraction.

This is exactly what happened to our family as we were walking in Tomorrow Land. We were leaving Space Mountain and heading toward Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Ever so quietly a “street sweeper”, really an artist in disguise, used his broom and a bucket of water to paint Goofy on the pavement. He never said a word, but went about his work thoughtfully, pausing to assess his art. A few guests stopped to admire the magic, but many guests kept walking. Sadly, the art lasted only a short time before drying up.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to watch this spontaneous Disney magic unfold. These are the little moments that bring happiness to my day, the times when I say, “Only in Disney!” For this reason, I hope you will be on the look out for little bits of Disney magic that bring an extra smile to your day.

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