While in a writing workshop the other day, one of the attendees shared a story about her brother pushing her in the pool. While under water, she thought she was going to drown. …

My Egyptian curls were an embarrassment, then they became my greatest asset

An illustration of the back of a woman belly dancing, against a deep fuschia background.
Illustration: Michelle Durbano

“W“Why don’t you straighten your hair?” Tiffany, the girl with the pug nose, asked me in theater class. “You would look better with straighten hair.”

I pulled on a stringy curl. My curls had already started to frizz and it was only 10 a.m. No matter how much mousse and…

Sarah Mina Osman

I’m a writer, teacher, and belly dancer living in Los Angeles. I’ve written for Huffington Post, HelloGiggles, and Matador Network. Follow me: @SarahMinaOsman

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