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8 Qualities of Strong Women (and why other people might not handle it well)

Recently, I read yet ANOTHER article about why “most men can’t handle a strong woman.” Friends, I am SO SICK of cliched articles about this topic, I had to write the ‘real deal’. First of all, women are ALL strong in their own way, FFS. In fact, I believe women are the most powerful force on the planet; yet men (and other women) struggle to deal with outwardly strong women for reasons that I’ve yet to see listed. Like it or not, below is a list of what I believe are the qualities of a strong woman that makes . I’ve edited this from the version I originally published on Facebook to incorporate some of the great comments from readers.

  1. Strong women can be bitchy. Yet remember, ‘bitches get stuff done’. Often, the bitchiness comes from the shit women have to take from other women for being strong. Or from men to whom the strength seems attractive at the beginning, but after time elapses, the men can’t keep up. It takes indefatigable strength of spirit to keep up with a strong woman. She’s not just strong today, it’s ALL. THE. TIME. It’s not a mood, not a phase, not an ‘image’. It is just who she is.
  2. In the early stages, strong women can be uncoachable. This is the phase in which they are ‘willful’, versus ‘powerful’. Don’t confuse the two. A willful woman is the one who gives strong women a bad name. A willful woman won’t listen to guidance, bulldozes others to get her way, and is extremely defensive when her ideas are challenged. A strong woman understands that she grows every time she listens to wise advisors and digests what they are telling her, realizes that her way isn’t always the best way and is open to having her ideas challenged.
  3. Strong women know what they want, and that kind of directness can be overwhelming. Strong women will be ‘disappointingly transparent’, often bypassing the expected socially political games in favor of up-front opinons and requests. This can be a bit off-putting for those folks who are entrenched in social strategies.
  4. Strong women can simply be overwhelming in general. Women who speak their mind, ask for what they want, and can say ‘no’ to tasks and requests can be overwhelming to those who aren’t strong. These women are often unabashedly confident, complain or compliment as needed, and live passionately exuberant lives. It can be daunting for those around them.
  5. While strong women may SEEM independent, they crave a partner who is a peer… not another adult child to care for. This partner might be a romantic interest, or just a good friend; however, no matter what, strong women want to find their ‘tribe’. They seek to make connections in their own lives — personally and professionally — with others who are like-minded and who have the same spirit. They can appreciate the strengths they see in others, even if they are different strengths, and are not be intimidated or put off by them.
  6. Strong women crave transparency and directness. If you aren’t up front and direct, strong women might shy away from you because they simply don’t have time to beat around the bush. They’re busy changing the world.
  7. Strong women can walk away. It might seem cold to you, yet the truth of the matter is that strong women simply don’t have the mental or emotional reserves to put up with bullshit. It is exhausting to them to hang around with those people and situations that drain them — mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
  8. Strong women take action. Stop talking about it, let’s do it.

What are qualities YOU see in strong women that aren’t often talked about?

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