AH, Mercury in Retrograde. How I’ve Missed You. (and other lies I tell myself)

AH, Mercury in Retrograde. How I’m missed you (LIE). And yet — I’m ready for you this time (TRUTH).

For those of you who are not familiar with what I’m talking about, “Mercury in Retrograde” is the three-week astrological cycle where the it appears as if the planet is going backwards in the sky. Of course, Mercury isn’t really going backwards, it’s just “hanging out by the sun”, but from Earth, that’s what makes it look as if it’s moving in reverse. During this three-week period, all the energies associated with Mercury have a tendency to effect our environment by making us feel slow, ‘heavy’ or negative. What are those energies? Well, I’m glad you asked. Mercury is the planet that is deemed to control communication, clear thinking, technology and travel.

And — if you are an empathic person, these three weeks can be sheer, unadulterated torture. Empaths already *have* a sensitivity to environmental stimulii; however, during this time, they will also exprience a heightened awareness during what is called the “shadow period” of the retrograde (this takes place a couple of weeks before and a couple of weeks after the main time of Mercury’s retrograde).

What might be going on with you during this time?

  • Everything seems to annoy you. Sounds, people, the service you receive, traffic, pets, bulleted lists, etc.
  • You question your existence in general, and the purpose of your life. You don’t have a sense that anything you’re doing really matters.
  • You have series of things going wrong that don’t usually go wrong — you spill coffee on your favorite shirt right after burning your tongue on it. Stable technologies aren’t working or are malfunctioning. You can’t seem to get your thoughts/ideas across, when normally that isn’t a problem.
  • You have less control over your emotions. You find that you are more prone to tears, fears, anger and passion than usual.
  • Physically, you might have more digestive problems, feel sluggish, or have a hard time kicking that summer cold.

Folks, there is not much we can do about the craziness that occurs with other people and technology during this period except to be more aware; however, on the personal level, there are definitely things we can do to avoid the consequences of Mercury in Retrograde.

FIRST — work to be centered, aware and conscious of what is going on within and around you. Recognize that this is a time where you might be reacting instead of responding. Be aware of your needs, hurts and tender spots during this time.

SECOND — practice extra self-care during Mercury in Retrograde. Sleep if you are tired, avoid being around those people who aggravate you, see if you can postpone technology-laden or communciation-heavy tasks, meetings or projects. If you can’t, pay special attention to details.

THIRD — pay attention to details. Review all contracts and legal documents more thoroughly, read emails and texts twice before you hit send, pause before you speak and be prepared for ‘snafus’ by having emergency roadside kits, checking air/gas in your mode of transportation. Double-check days/times and locations for appointments, and have back-up plans for technology breakdowns.

FINALLY, use the RE- in Retrograde to focus on good things: REnew, REview, REstore, REvamp, etc. You have personal power — use it!

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