Is Being a “Visionary” The Reason You’re Failing?

I’ve heard it said all too often by various people, “I’m a Visionary!”. Typically, this is said when a project runs amok, when plans are made far ahead of circumstances and resources, or when their disorganization, distractedness and lack of focus reaches the point of sabotaging everything they put their hand to. Often, this phrase is used in conjunction with blaming those around them for not buying in to their vision and supporting them in their efforts.

Entrepreneurs and creatives indeed derive some visceral joy from the process of creation, ideation, and birthing an idea with the hope of seeing it grow and flourish. But idea generation alone doesn’t make you a visionary. Being a visionary involves IMPLEMENTING your idea. And the implementation of your idea involves several fairly critical points:

  • PIVOTING when necessary to accommodate for current circumstances (yours, your employees, your customers’);
  • FOCUSING on action items that move you in the direction of your dream — action items that propel your vision forward and complete tasks, rather than start them and not finish;
  • OWNING failures as oversights/missteps on your part, rather than blaming others for not buying into your vision;
  • PLANNING your efforts to maintain steady energy/efforts, vs. the frenetic bursts that can, in reality, ‘spook’ employees, investors and stakeholders, and can often make you look too erratic to succeed.

Be careful when you or other label you a ‘visionary’. Sometimes, it’s not a compliment.

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