Promises; isn’t the world done yet with that shit? I don’t particularly understand why but for some reason promises are bound to be broken. That’s the rule. Now I wouldn’t really bash on promises! They’re still cool nah? ‘I will take care of you baby’ ‘I will always love you baby’ ‘nothing bad is going to happen baby’ well baby is just fucking jaded — baby! I marvel really at the number of ‘babies’ who could’ve coped with that sort of statements.

I waited years actually for the pendulum to swing over to the other side, for couples to stop manifesting their affection in such senseless articulations; for people to start realizing the actual meaning of words and cosmic reality; yet they all persist on using the same old worn dog-eared script of romantic clichés; roses on valentines’ days, promises and then more promises.

How in the world is someone ever able to build a current declaration on a futuristic revelation? But that’s what lovers do, right? They say things they don’t mean, but they keep them anyway. That’s what everybody does! That’s what my husband does — I mean did.

To Him, There was absolutely nothing more powerful than a promise to give because he knew he wouldn’t be able to offer me anything else.