I’m glad I chose to do a 6 week reevaluation, and think I will do the same with future clients. It’s enough time to measure actual improvement. As of April 27th:

Cardio health: poor to good, exceeded SMART goal

Muscle endurance: very good to excellent, met SMART goal

Body composition: no change that I can measure except pants fitting a bit more comfortable.

Flexibility and muscular strength: to be reassessed on June 12th.

New SMART goals by June 12th:

cardio health: good to very good

muscle endurance: establish a new baseline by evaluating how many regular push ups I can do without stopping

body composition: continue mindful eating

flexibility: do a backbend from standing

muscular strength: do more than one chin up



Sara Kasper

Sara Kasper

Like many of you, I want to fit and healthy. Before I become a licensed fitness provider, I have become my first client. This is my journey.