Why We Took $50 Million from China’s Largest Internet Company
Ted Livingston

its so stupid of the news publications to pretend a company is worth a billion dollars based on 1 fake number
are we all done going “ooooh” when we know damn well that the provisions of the contract state the investors get paid back double before the founders and other investors get a dime.
sorry but that is not a billion dollar anything.
its a lie.

these guys have taken $120 million dollars and have just about no sales.

kik is nearly done.
no it does NOT have 240 million monthly average users. not even close.
kik doesnt release those numbers
maybe they have 60 million at best monthly actives probably less.

kik is on life support
they have no way to earn money
this money raise is just about the same size as the last one = fail

its clear they will be taken over and the price wont be anywhere near a billion REAL dollars. sorry, i am still betting the founders wont see a dime

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