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Sarala Saraswati is the pen name of a writer, technologist, and avid student of esoteric hermeneutics living in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The following guide will help you stand up a simple web-site hosted behind a TOR V3 Hidden Service using OpenBSD.

Getting Tor up and running

Step one is to install Tor and enable the Tor service by issuing the following commands:

pkg_add tor       # Install Tor
rcctl enable tor # Enable the Tor service

Next we’ll to open up Tor’s configuration in OpenBSD’s default editor…

vi /etc/tor/torrc

…and replace it with the following:

# Log notice and debug messages to explit file locations # for easy review if things…

A message to the future. The original texts in all languages.

In these parlous times it is our responsibility to preserve some remnant of our age’s wisdom and knowledge for future generations.

The Georgia Guidestones were intended to serve such a purpose.

They are reproduced here in digital form so that their wisdom and guidance may be readily preserved within living traditions.

Should our civilization fall it is hoped that their message will be of some value to future cultures in their efforts to create a more enduring and prosperous global society than our own.

In Hebrew

לכלכל אנושות אשר…

Part 2 — Drive Encryption

Although it’s easier to attach a spare monitor, HDMI cable, and USB keyboard to your Pi it’s definitely nerdier (and therefore cooler!) to attach color-coded wires carefully to contact pins and connect via a remote console session over a serial cable. (Seriously, ask anyone!)

To take the nerdy high-road, however, you’ll need an Adafruit USB-TO-TTL Serial Cable.

And before we begin it’s critical to note:

With reminders and warnings out of the way…

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