Generation : Revolt

On fake news and alternative facts….

I think it is safe to say that as a 19 year old girl from a middle class, average American family, it is assumed that I frequent the use of a smartphone of some kind. Whether it be Android, Samsung, Windows, or Apple, it is safe to say that many individuals older than myself assume that I spend a majority of my day attached to a device. If you believe this is to be true, then you probably also believe in my abilities to decode teenage acronyms, translate slang, and interpret the world of memes for my parents.

With all of these notes made, it is safe to say that as a youth of America who frequents social media and also reads the newspaper and keeps up with the facts, knows what is and is not fake news with a side of alternate facts. Shall I elaborate?

If you’re new to the articles that I write, you won’t already know that I am a blatant opponent of Donald J. Trump. You will not find me regarding him as the president (I care to discredit the men who held this title before him), and if this bothers you, I suggest you click away now and return to your articles discussing the Bowling Green massacre, or check in on Sweden after those terrorist attacks last week. If you need further explanation as to why I don’t regard him as such, please read up on the Republican reactions to President Obama.


Trump has only been in office for 34 days. 816 hours. So far, here is what he’s done: spent 6 hours in intelligence briefings, 13 hours tweeting, 25 hours golfing, and 106 hours at his Mar-a-Lago club, and 206 other hours spent in the White House not working.

Here is another list of what has happened in those 816 hours: he has begun dismantling healthcare for millions of Americans (the same ones he swore to protect no matter their party), declared the United States court system a “threat to national security” after losing to them twice…oh yeah, he’s been prosecuted two times while in office (thus far), trashed New START during a call with Putin — after putting the phone aside to ask his advisers what that (nuclear-arms treaty) was, condemned Nordstrom’s for dropping Ivanka’s clothing line, suggested that if the public criticizes how he handles his military it is “tantamount to aiding the enemy,” introduced not one but TWO travel bans (that’s what they are, go ahead and try to find another word to describe them) against several historically Muslim nations for literally no reason, created a diplomatic crisis with Australia, threatened to invade Mexico, told a demonstrable lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration — and predicted that the media would “pay a big price” for refusing to repeat it. These are just a handful of the things that have gone down in this nation while the Don has been golfing, getting his pillow fluffed, and trying to keep that even shade of Cheeto on his skin.

To make a long story short — this is unacceptable.

What is happening to this nation is unacceptable, what is happening to our citizens is unacceptable, what is happening to a country founded on differences and new beginnings is, yep you guessed it, unacceptable.

Because I’m not the only one who believes this, here are some of the things that have been done by citizens who care, in those 816 hours that Trump has been in office.

The National Parks Service has started a number of alternative Twitter pages to keep delivering true news about the status of our environment, 5 million people worldwide marched with the women of the United States as we performed the largest single day protest in United States history, hundreds of immigration lawyers flooded airports with protestors to aide and assist the thousands of legal citizens who were detained and arrested, children of the United States have spoken out against those who show hate towards their classmates, and many other events.

We will not stand for YOUR fake news and alternative facts, Trump. Fake news is not an organization that has been around since 1851. Fake news is not the delivery of truthful information to the people, whether you like it or not. And if you don’t like it, I suggest you stop lying and learn to be honest. But then again, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Alternative facts are not real facts. Alternative facts stem from the fake news stories of Bowling Green massacre, and the terrorists in Sweden. Alternative facts should be the existence of this presidency, but unfortunately this is real life.

As citizens of the new United States of Fascist America, we have to fight for what we know to be true, we must protect the media who deliver us the truth, and we must never forget the importance of honesty. This administration must come to an end, before January 20th, 2021. We will not stand for this, Trump, and we will make YOU yesterday’s fake news.