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We’re a small, early-stage startup. We don’t have a big team. We don’t have a lot of money. We are, in essence, the underdog. We depend on friends and community to help us, inspire us, and lead us. “It takes a village” is an old adage that would be applicable here, and that’s partly because we are the David to our competitor’s Goliath. They each have hundreds of employees, millions of dollars, and a much greater reach than we currently have.

But guess what? We have just as much, if not more, heart than they do.

I’m going to be honest: startups are hard. We’re faced with huge obstacles and hurdles every single day. We’re faced with doubters and skeptics left and right. We’re faced with clients, investors, and random people who ask us to explain, again and again, why we exist, and why we matter. …

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Every month, I send an email update to our investors and advisors. It’s a helpful exercise to step back to reflect on what’s working and what’s not, but, candidly, it’s harder to admit the struggles than the victories. I feel like I have to project an invincible image so that employees, investors, and members of the broader community have confidence in what we’re doing. This partial image creates a barrier of illusion that doesn’t always feel great.

What I’ve found is that most startup CEOs and founders, no matter what stage or momentum, are dealing with some intense problems all of the time, and the good investors and advisors know it. …

Reaction Commerce is a completely open source JavaScript commerce solution for businesses and developers/designers.

Hi everyone! We’re now two years into this startup thing, and I’m excited to report that we’ve launched our Beta release of Reaction Commerce. If you’re looking for a nextgen, open source commerce solution, we’re now open for business. Below are the details! -Sara

We’re happy to report that we’ve released version 0.9.0 of Reaction on GitHub. (We’re actually now at v0.9.2 …


Sara Hicks

Co-Founder & CEO, Reaction Commerce, @getreaction.

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