You’re the slight tighten

Of a chest

That accompanies the person

Who steals all awareness.

You’re the red m&m

In a sea of brown

You’re a candle

With a wick that never burns down

You’re the chocolate on top

And the ice cream too

You’re a warm summer breeze

You’re a mental disease

Of course in the best way

In that you won’t go away

My mind’s trapeze

But you just weave though



You’re a heavy sigh

And a sharp intake of breath

An intoxicating presence

Presenting pleasant senses

Seeping In depth


You’re the sweet breeze

And budding leaves

Piano keys

The spine of a book

Cracked from a good read

Deep green

The smell of clothes cleaned

You’re warm coffee

And new socks on my feet

And it’s a testament

That all the pleasant inanimate

Occurrences sending memories

Back to me

You could be

Like the pine from a tree

Everything Simple and free

yet complicated and heavy

And if you only ever stay

An array of beautiful analogies, to me

If I never get hold you for as long as I’d like

Or have the opportunity to reach for your hand as I please

To know your thirst for life remains

And your spirit is the same

Then I will be okay

To live vicariously.

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