First Week of Freedom

I finally did what I apparently needed to blog about first in order to do. I broke up with my boyfriend of 3.33 years. Hours after I wrote “This Week the Trend.” I went home and cried my eyes out as I told my boyfriend I am unhappy and need to end things with him. It was a terrible experience. I would advise not breaking up with anyone ever or even getting in a relationship.

My decision was made ultimately due to our endless fights about morals, life outlooks and overall interests. We were completely opposite. In all honesty I’m going to put myself on a high horse and say that I was too good for him. It took me almost 4 years to figure out but I finally have. It’s been a sucky week.

Until very recently we lived together in a cozy 2 bedroom apartment. He owned everything because he had lived alone before and had already corralled all the things necessary for apartment life. I had 2 things, a dresser and a dinning room table. (Obviously I have clothes they’re just a given.) He owned the bed, tv (which is HUGE), all the kitchen wear, couch, vacuum, and xbox. Now that he is gone I somehow managed to keep the couch, all the kitchen supplies, and his apple tv that we were not using due to the xbox. The biggest thing I miss is his macbook and gigantic tv. His was like a 60" and now I have a 20" if you can see my problem.

Now my only obstacle is finding someone to help pay rent.

I am ultimately happy with my decision but it’s gonna be a long road.