21 Early Mornings

I’ve been on an interesting journey upon deciding on changing my life. Feeling stagnant for a while, it was time for re-evaluation and since then it’s been nothing but one “coincidence” after another. I’m enjoying this ride though. Stumbling on the most amazing website/app, called Medium. It’s that to me because I can find any article between here and heaven, people who share their journeys and their advice. It’s endless amount of inspiration and inspiring people. What’s even more, is the fact that you can bookmark the articles you read so you can go back on them as well as contribute there yourself. It’s just brilliant!

I came across this article written by Tomas Laurinavicius which is what inspired me for this post. Reading about him and what he writes, he’s quickly become a source of inspiration. In the article, he mentions things which he has adapted to his own life in order to be more productive. So I thought I’d implement a few things for myself. The biggest change being waking up early. There’s been lots of research on the benefits of waking up early and hey, what have I got to lose.

The other thing which is mentioned is habit stacking. Creating new habits on top of old habits to getting rid of the old ones altogether. This requires some planning and lots of writing. I don’t have too free of a schedule since I have 9–5 full time job but I have other things that keep me busy beyond the job, namely my want to get my own business started. I feel so tired after a busy day of work and even going to the gym can be a challenge for me, let alone anything beyond that. The mornings being best time to work anyway, why not put it in full use so I can stay motivated throughout the day.

They say habits don’t come easy and week wouldn’t be enough to build a new habit, I’ll be doing this one for 21 days. I’m excluding weekends in the way that I don’t want to get up with my alarm clock but once I wake up, I do a few of the things that I do on the weekdays as well. I want to get in the routine as below;

  • Wake up 5 am
  • After waking up, drink some water
  • After drinking water, meditate for 15–20 minutes
  • After meditating, stretch
  • After stretching, read 10 pages
  • After reading, write 500 words
  • After writing, do some affirmations
  • After affirmations, visualise
  • After visualisation, plan and choose MIT
  • After planning and choosing MIT, work on MIT

Extensive list? Maybe but not impossible to do. There is a reason why these are all included in the routine. Waking up at 5 gives me at least an hour to work each morning for this. There are actually a few reasons why I want to start doing this. I want to get my life in order and to achieve the goals I’ve set for this year and the next 12 months, I feel this will only help that purpose. Furthermore, my anxiety levels have been on the rise lately, by keeping things in control I’ll be on top of things more.

So here we go, join my journey as I have yet another lifestyle change ahead of me.

Originally published at saramaarya.wordpress.com on March 21, 2016.

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