Art Collective Building and Events in Shoreditch

Street Art example

Media and event savvy urban areas such as London serve as fantastic grounds for experimental promotions and events. In other words, London residents can handle forward-thinking promotions that are perhaps a bit weird. The advertising environment provides a progressive bubble with virtually no regulation beyond backlash after the advertisement has already been presented.

Street art example

Inspired by the Houston-based company of Camden Apartments, homes that aim to be youth-friendly and foster a sense of community, in combination with the idea of public art studio leasing. The concept of this open-public lease essentially allows artists to use an art studio space for free or very little money, under the condition that the studio space has large glass walls and is open to wandering visitors. Fans, curious students, and wandering tourists can peer into an artist’s process. This also serves as a great way for an artist to advertise his or her own work.

Camden Apartments could harness this idea with apartment units that also come with studio spaces on the bottom floors, allowing for an art-intensive and inviting space. This would be located in the trendy area of Shoreditch, as a viable way to actually purchase art. Art buying remains an ultimate elite luxury, and this place would be advertised as true custom art, as it can be seen being made, and sold with many limited print options to make art affordable for demographics such as the meandering traveler.

Public events would be held, allowing for participation from novice and professional artists. Different themes would be held one night a month, and participants would be encouraged to create pieces inspired by a specific idea. Potential examples include a hot day in a tube car, city rats, clashes of old and new London, political figures combined with fetishism (as inspired by street art pieces in the Shoreditch area currently.) The space would also allow for the outer walls to be public graffiti spaces, encouraging constant envelopment in art. The outer walls could also be covered to match the theme of the month. Theme specificity would make each event instantly recognizable.

Apartment complexes could then be sold above the art space by Camden, sold as a hub for this incredible creative collective. This concept would definitely work in London as it is a city with an artistic drive, and the neighborhood of Shoreditch is just trendy and mainstream enough to be accessible, and expensive, while still maintaining its unapologetically cool environment.