Tanning to Entertain Ch. 17

Mike finally decided to ask Marti to marry him. I ‘fronted’ him the money to buy the ring and as an engagement present fulfilled my promise of renting a houseboat at Kentucky Lake to a getaway for them

They went down on the second weekend of September for a week. EXPENSIVE!

I received a phone call on the fifth day from Marti, almost begging me to drive the 100 miles to join them. I jokingly asked if he was ‘wearing her out’ and was surprised to hear her admit he was. “Mom, I don’t know where he gets to energy. I told him I needed some ‘tanning time’ and damn if we didn’t put on a sex show on the tanning deck for two boats of fishermen”.

I met them at the state dock on Saturday. I was ready to see both of them. Mike looked happier than I had seen him in a long time. Marti was showing a deep all-over tan. After loading the boat with more supplies for the next two days, we were off.

I chatted with Marti as Mike moved us out on the lake to a cove they had discovered. The twenty-minute talk gave me the time to fill her in on Kent. He had called and wanted to come over. He hinted he wanted to bring a friend along. I played with him for a while and told him how much fun it would be, etc. I then mentioned a photo had shown up on my phone of his oral sex act with another man. Kent froze on the phone.

I told him I was happy to have a shot of his versatility, and I would keep it ‘forever.’ He knew I had the edge on him. He begged me to erase it, but I said I would use it if anyone discovered my identity on the photos he took. I finished by telling Marti he called off coming over.

As Mike anchored the houseboat, I changed into a bikini thong and came out to join Marti on the upper deck. Mike took a small boat he had rented to fish out of and motored away.

Lounge chairs provided comfort for us; as I began to apply tanning oil, Marti stopped me and told me to let her do it.

As her hands began to move over me, it was like an electric pulse was in her fingers. She started having me stand up so she could apply the oil to my back and legs. I spread my legs wide so she could get my inner thighs. She looped her finger in my thong and pulled it down off my legs. It became apparent I was going to forego tanning.

I picked up the towels on the loungers and laid them out on the deck. Sitting down, I began to move my hands up Marti’s thighs and slowly opened her labia. She moved closer to me, allowing me to tongue her opening.

I placed my hand on her ass and pushed her labia into my face. Her juices soon were covering my lips. I was massaging my clit with my right hand.

Within minutes we were in the ‘69’ position with Marti over me and fingering me as I continued performing cunnilingus on her. We worked on each other for several minutes, well, actually, until we have a boat’s motor approaching. We both assumed it was Mike coming back, but when Marti glanced up to see it was two young men who had been watching us from afar.

“Mom, it’s not Mike!” Marti informed me. We both tried to disappear into the metal of the deck. The young me were probably 30 feet away and watching for our next move. I told her ‘what the hell, and I was sure they had seen naked women before.

Shamelessly, I stood up and told them they might want to get away before our husbands came back. I was answered by one telling me ‘we’ll wait until we hear their motors”.

I looked at Marti and told her we should go in and wait until they left, which we did. I guess Marti’s body was too much for them. OR the fact she shook her boobs at them before we went to the cabin.

A half-hour later, Mike came into view, and it forced our watchers to stop their ‘watch.’

Later that evening, after steaks on the grill, we sat on the deck and drank wine. Mike had a beer because he thinks ‘wine is a waste of grapes.’ We talked about Marti and Mike’s future. Marti would return to the workforce, but Mike wanted something else with more regular work hours.

The insects were still quite active, so after dark, we moved into the houseboat cabin. I sat on the couch/fold-out bed, while Marti and Mike sat in the dining chairs. I knew the young people wanted to go to the bedroom, so I told them I was okay with them to enjoy each other. I got myself a glass of wine and was surprised to find them still in the cabin area. Marti stood and removed her only garment, a tee-shirt, and then began pulling Mike’s trunks down. Mike’s cock was already hard and was waving around like a dinosaur. I watched as Marti captured it in her hand and guided it to her lips. Her eyes looked at me as she licked Mike’s cock length and then smiled.

“Come on, Mom,” she teased me. “Aren’t you going to show us your approval of what we’re doing? Show us your cunt and play with yourself”.

I stood and removed my tee and thong and sat back down within their view of me. I reached over and got the tanning oil before I opened my thighs. I got a large palm of the oil and began to spread it on my thighs. Both Mike’s and Marti’s eyes were watching me. I moved my oiled fingers up to my pubes and coated my labia generously. Marti continued to take Mike into her mouth and soon was taking most of him into her throat.

I was getting caught up in her actions, and while watching, I began to slowly entered my inner labia and probing my clit. My attention was on Marti, and when I looked up at Mike, his attention seemed to be on my hand in my crotch.

Marti’s eyes were on me, and so I mouthed for her to look up at Mike. She smiled and withdrew Mike’s cock from her mouth. Then came a question from her; I never thought I would hear.

“Honey, are you hot for your mom? Tell the truth.” Marti asked him.

The question shocked Mike like a cattle probe.

“No, I was watching her, but I don’t want her,” Mike said.

“Come on, Honey. She’s a beautiful sexy woman, and no man, even you, would disagree with me. It’s just us. Here alone, and no one is going to judge what happens between us.”

I was so confused. I guess I stopped masturbating and was emersed in what Marti was saying. I didn’t want to say anything until Mike replied.

It seemed Marti was going to push the issue as she continued. “Baby, I’m okay with the three of us getting it on. I know you have watched your Mom with Kent, Mom and me enjoying ourselves together, so wouldn’t you like the three of us being together?”

Mike stayed silent. I didn’t know what he felt at the moment. I said, “let’s not do something that we might all regret. Let’s all think about it and then talk later.”

I got up and said I was going for a swim. I moved out of the cabin door and slipped into the lake. I swam for a few minutes before climbing up the ladder to the deck. I grabbed one of the towels on a lounger, dried off, and finally laid down and covered myself with a separate dry towel.

My mind was racing. Having sex with my son had never crossed my mind. Now Marti suggests we throw caution to the wind and have sex. Whoa, I needed to think about that. I knew of mothers who had incest with their children but never thought I would be considering it.

Julie, a former neighbor, admitted it to me one night while we were dining together. It didn’t shock me, and I guess I didn’t judge her actions. Her son is quite an attractive man, and she was going through a terrible divorce at the time. I believe it became an often event.

Marti came out onto the deck. Still nude, she told me she and Mike were going to bed, and she’d see me in the morning.

A few minutes later, I went in and unfolded the couch, and laid down.

I had a restless night.

I heard Mike leave at daybreak, apparently to go fishing. Around eight, I got up and put on a sweatshirt to ward off the morning chill. I made coffee and began to prepare a french toast breakfast for myself and Marti.

As I did, Marti came out in a pajama set and joined me. Almost immediately, she began to apologize for the previous evening. I stopped her a minute or two. I told her I would leave the final say to Mike. I had thought it through and I wasn’t going to be the one who made the decision. Marti smiled and said she already knew his decision.

“So, what is it?” I asked. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be the wanton mother, or could I handle the rejection if he said no. But wait, would it be a no, or no because — -.

“Marti said he was okay, but it would have to be a threesome and not just he and I having sex. I told her to let it be unplanned, and if it happens, I am okay with it. Adding, I never thought I would agree to something with my son.

“Mom, don’t think of him as your son. He’s a man, and I know he thinks you are a very desirable woman. Hell, I hope he doesn’t enjoy you more than me.”

We finished breakfast and sat on the couch. I told Marti I thought they would be a ‘perfect couple,’ and she was the daughter-in-law I had wanted. I joked with her about me wanting to relive my life through her. I told her if she becomes a copy of me, I would pray for Mike. I followed I would be there for guidance and not to be a judge of her behavior. I had done so many things that would ruin any marriage, and I didn’t want her to put hers in jeopardy.

About an hour later, we but on thongs and went up to the upper deck to tan. It was a windless day, and the sun had us napping off and on.

Mike came back around eleven, so Marti went down to fix him something to eat. I guess the sun was tantalizing me, and soon I was playing with my nipples. I applied oil to each breast and, using a hand on each breast; I was turning myself on. My nipples were hard and long. I stood up and removed my thong to allow me to touch my pussy.

We anchored in a small cove and about thirty yards from the bank. As I started to sit down, I thought I heard something in the thick foliage nearby. I looked around but couldn’t see anything, so I went ahead and laid down.

I continued the play of my boobs and finally moved my hand down to my pubes. I worked slowly and was thoroughly enjoying myself when Marti returned.

“Hey, that looked like fun,” she commented. I looked up and saw her standing next to me. She looked so sexy. Her large, full breasts, her trim body, and her shaved pubes would cause any man to desire her.

Marti began to apply tanning oil. I saw her glance toward the bank several times and then began to use an extra amount. “Mom, we’re being watched,” she told me. “Don’t get up. Keep doing what you are. I can see two or maybe three boys on the bank watching us.”

“Really? How old do they appear?” I asked.

“They are teenagers, maybe a little older. I’m going to tease them a little.” Marti told me.

I watched as she ran her hands over her boobs from the back to the nipples and pinched each to make them erect. After less than a minute, she began to put more oil up her legs and making sure her inner thighs were visible. She placed her foot on my leg to move her fingers to her labia. She repeated it with her other leg. Finally, she laid down.

“Damn Marti, that show turned ME on!” I said to her. Again, I began to touch my inner labia, finding my clit and rubbed it slowly.

“They just moved further up the bank so they can get a better view,” Marti told me. “They can see everything we do now. We are two naughty women aren’t we”.

“Baby, they would give a nut to be with you,” I told her. “You don’t know how sexy you are. If Mike didn’t want to marry you, I would think he was gay”,

As we lay there, we heard Mike coming up to our deck. He sat down next to Marti and began to play with her right boob. Neither Marti nor I said anything about the young men on the bank. He and Marti started to make out. I decide to go down and get us some drinks.

I returned in a few minutes with wine coolers for Marti and myself and a couple of beers for Mike. As I came up the ladder, I saw Mike was rising above her and getting ready to penetrate her.

I sat the drinks on the deck and moved back down. I quietly moved to the rear of the boat in an attempt to see the watchers. I found them. There were three young men. A strange odor was in the air, so I guess they were smoking marijuana. I drink, and that’s enough for me. I could hear Mike and Marti, mostly Marti’s moans as they made love. I decided to get my cell and take a few photos of our admirers. I took six or so shots. One of the guys stood up and began to take his pants down. He began to jerk off to the show on the houseboat. I told more photos as he did.

Finally, I went back to the upper deck and laid down. There was a mixture of sex on Mike’s cock. Marti looked at me and told me what I should do with a slight nod of her head. I moved over to Mike, and after getting on my knees, I took his penis in my mouth. Marti raised and told me softly to ‘clean her man.’

I licked around the head of Mike’s tool and swallowed their juices. Moving down the side of his cock, I thoroughly cleaned all of it. Dropping to his balls, I sucked up a huge glob of cum. Mike was lying back as I cleaned him. Amazingly, his penis began to get hard again!

Marti was leaning on her elbow, watching. I knew she wanted me to mount Mike, but I wasn’t going to just yet. I wasn’t all that comfortable with the watchers.

“Take him, Mom.” Marti urged.

I told her not here. She understood.

I went back down the ladder and heard Mike and Marti jump into the water. The show is over — sorry, guys.

I wasn’t ashamed at all of what I had done. I cleaned the penis of a man. Nothing else needed to consider.

I forgot about the drinks on the upper deck, but we had many more. I fixed all of us bourbon, straight, to ease the tension, if there was any.

I was sipped on mine when Mike and Marti got out of the water. I carried them out to the deck, and we toasted our behavior.

I jumped into the water to get the oil off and returned on board in a few minutes. Marti was sitting on the couch, and I joined her. She leaned to me, and we kissed. She was pushing me down on the couch, and I allowed her. “Mom, you’re the only one who hasn’t climaxed, and I’m going to fix that,” Marti told me. Who was I to argue?

I laid back, and she positioned herself between my legs. She lowered her head and slowly began to lick my inner thighs. Mmm, she is so good at what she was going to do. I leaned back and closed my eyes. As she opened my outer labia, I touched my nipples with my thumb and forefinger on each boob and began to pull. Oh, I was feeling fantastic. I felt her move away to get into a more comfortable position.

I wasn’t surprised to find Mike’s cock pushing against my opening. I didn’t open my eyes but waited to see if he would enter me. Mike moved against me; his tool slipped in slowly. I spread my legs to accept him completely. He was filling me with a few thrusts. His movements came steadily. I urged him to ‘push harder’ ‘He was pounding me as I had seen him do to Marti many times.

In a few moments, I began to climax. I told my lover to ‘fuck me harder’. Mike’s thrusts were causing my move against the back of the couch. ‘Fuck me,’ escaped from my mouth. I heard Mike growling as he began to cum.

I let myself go. I shuttered through an uncomparable climax.

Neither of us moved. Marti moved Mike away. She moved as if she wanted to clean me. I stopped her. I don’t know why. Mike smiled at me and mouthed, ‘I love you, Mom.’ He walked out and dove into the lake.

Marti asked me if I was okay. Smiling, I told her I was. “I guess that answered all of our questions, didn’t it?”.

Marti and I laid together for a few minutes, no conversation.

Later she and I jumped into the water, and both of us hugged ‘our man”.

We left the next day but not without a lot of laughter about the week’s events.


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