Sense of Humor Survives Dementia

Not everything that goes on with my Mom is sad. She has retained her sense of humor, and only on really, really bad days does she not get my jokes.

She was always very witty and quite the prankster with a fantastic sense of humor. Here is a sampling of some of the funny things that go on with my Mom now.

  1. My Mom attempted an escape from the memory care unit via the emergency door. She said she needed to get out and it was an emergency. 'Nuff said. That was her third successful escape.
  2. My Mom hates her battery-powered bed alarm with a burning passion. She wiggles a great deal, and that seems to set it off. She finally got her nail clippers and cut the lines. It no longer goes off.
  3. The nurse said she needed to listen to Mom’s lungs. With a little smile, she said to the nurse, “Oh, they talk, too?” I don’t think the nurse got it, but I sure did!
  4. She broke a tooth trying to eat a tough pork chop. Something about the way she tells this story, with a partial re-enactment, makes nurses and aides laugh like crazy.
  5. She may be weak and unstable on her feet but any random roach that is foolish enough to wander in her room will get killed with extreme violence. I have witnessed this with my own eyes. They no longer venture into her room.
  6. I brought a small box of Valentine’s candy for her. She said, “I’m surprised you didn’t eat it yourself! … Oh, nevermind — there isn’t enough for you to bother with.” This was followed by a smirk.
  7. She didn’t care for a t-shirt I was wearing when I went to see her. Her comment: “Is the washing machine broken again?”
  8. I commented, “Mom, look! That piece of ribbon matches your new pajamas!” She looked over at me and said, “You are colorblind, aren’t you?”
  9. I gave my mom a big hug before leaving one day. She reached for a tissue, wiped her nose, and said, “You hug me so hard that you squeezed the snot out of me!” By the way, she never approved of the word “snot.”
  10. I showed her a picture if my cat looking startled and challenged her to caption it. She did without a second thought: “Sara, put your pants back on!”

I think she’s hilarious for an 85 year old gal! Of course, I might be prejudiced.