My name is Natabi Salama but i prefer to be called Sara,am not searching meaning i have a “guy”.Dance is my passion ,to add on that i also enjoy listening to music,making friends,laughing and making jokes.

Am a youth facilitator and member of Soul_Xpressions Dance Company.In this group ,you join as a member but the more you stay we become a family .To know more about us go visit our social media platforms and don’t forget to like and subscribe.This is a link to some of our videos.https://www.facebook.com/inspirationz.soul/videos/1056813004459577/.The photos below show some of the projects i carried out that were funded by European Union partnering with Soul_Xpressions,Mine vagati(Italy),Chawnino Art center(Tanzania)and Open Space Foundation(Bulgaria,Europe)in a project called Art and Culture for Unity.Basically my project was Sanitation/General cleanness.And i did this project because i wanted to change the environment of my society and give them self awareness on how to be clean ,so i also visited to schools to share my ideas,and it all went out very good according to the results and feedback i got from different people.

So all this knowledge i gathered it through in movement where it all began.Through camps we had like Layer Beneath,Art and culture for unity both in Uganda and Bulgaria.