I stumbled upon this piece from FB.
Katelyn Burns

Different piece, actually. The one I encountered was on Mic. I never saw the Medium one. I am open to rewording, so long as it is not at the expense of the main point. But I also certainly didn’t intend it to be read as patronizing. I read constantly about the trans experience and consider myself open to educating myself further, so when I ask for reciprocity I am not asking it be one-sided. This situation was delicate because it concerned real feelings, but stemming from a simple misunderstanding; namely: the emphasis on genitalia at the march was a specific visual response to decades of lawful oppression of vaginas, which is separate from the female oppression that you and I share. Feel free to suggest how I can word that in a better way and I promise to read it with an open mind. But we *must* have a language — visual and verbal, with which to discuss those specific topics.

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