This is all very interesting, but let’s talk about a few things, since you want to pop off on…
Kai VonDoom

Kai, believe it or not I wasn’t talking about you. I have witnessed SJW behavior for a decade and am now commenting on it as a whole, as there is an overwhelming amount of material to draw from. I took great pains in making sure I didn’t use any personal examples except where expressly mentioned. Additionally, I think you are assuming that the Muslim woman in question *must* have been a WOC, which is news to me because she was not. I didn’t mention her skin color, because it had nothing to do with the clear intent of my post. But for the record, she was extremely light, like many Turkish women, and her lack of any accent suggested she is second generation and was born here. None of which was of interest to the obvious point of the FB post you are referencing (which was an expression of love for her and an active interest in her protection). Additionally, I find your characterizations of what I posted, and your dangerously inaccurate description of what actually happened, completely opposite from what was actually said, and how they were received by the majority. I would expound upon it lengthily here in detail, but have no desire to embarrass you. Suffice to say, the non-incident was just one of MANY “last straws” associated with the inspiration of this piece, but was NOT used as an example in this piece.

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