Did it take less time to write this than it would’ve to point out a few facts he got wrong or at…
Braden East

Oh god no, I wasn’t calling you a child. I took your question to mean that I ought to “back up my claim” for giggles (“just curious”) but not to mean that you disagreed with that claim. And to answer your question, it took ten minutes to reflect on my existing reasons, whereas the more poorly crafted an argument is, the more time it takes to correct it, so it would indeed take a few hours to do the other piece justice. I will consider it, but I honestly don’t mind putting something out there without citations, when the offending article in question did not. So while I think about whether I want to spend a few hours explaining the obvious, answer me this: Can you prove his essay — an essay he offered of his perceptions and his regurgitated opinion without listing any supporting facts or sources — *is* true?

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